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100% Boneswimmer

swim with style, swim with boneswimmer!

Boneswimmer is fresh, young, and totally unconventional.
Adored in pools and on social media, Boneswimmer is the new 100% Made in Italy swimming experience.

If you want to turn heads in and out of the pool, browse our vibrantly coloured patterns and choose one to match your personality or create your own swimsuit to be as unique as you! The goggle-wearing skull featured on all our products is the brand’s hallmark and a quality guarantee. Look for it on your swimwear so you know it’s an original Boneswimmer!

Boneswimmer is a registered Trade mark. All the rest is out of style!

An adventure started as challenge


It’s summer... I'm at the seaside. I hear Mum call me in a loud voice saying "Come On Deda! The swimming lesson starts soon..."
I’m sure I haven’t understood... I’m on the beach! I'm playing! And I have to leave my friends to go elsewhere to learn to swim!?!? I understand and say:"No No, I don’t want to, thank you!"
She insists (as does every mum) and above all says "the magic word":"As you wish, in the meantime I'll take Max (my cousin) who can’t wait to go".
A few days passed and I continuously hear about the swimming lessons, how Max is so good, and how quickly he learns... OKOK I think that’s enough! In that moments my first “CHALLENGE” begins... I pipe in and say:"From tomorrow on I'm there too!" I was 6 years of age!


Thus I began to adore swimmimg, on my return from the seaside I joined the swimming club; I swam competitively up to the age of 18 and then suddenly stopped. The reason, as unfortunately often happens, because of a coach who in only 1 year made half the team stop swimming. The chlorothough when it "gets into you" becomes part of you forever and the break was short; I began teaching and took up swimming and racing again: I still do now even though it’s with loooooots of calm and for pure passion as does a master! A lifetime of wearing extremely boring swimsuits... Blue, black, red...something colourful had to be done for the “poor swimmers”... and so Boneswimmer came to life.

swim social & have fun!

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